Wyborowa Tamarindo

Is there any chance that out feathered snake gets every party in Mexico started? We and Pernod Ricard truly believe it happens.

We have won the tender for the design of a brand dedicated to the Mexican market – it appeared that our “outside” perspective is advantageous and this is another time we are bringing something fresh and worthy.

What have we done in particular? We suggested the design of Wyborowa Tamarindo brand – launched as a response to the need of consumers searching for fresh and new tastes in the alcohol category. Why the tamarind flavored liqueur? The answer is simple: this sweet and sour, slightly spicy flavor is a crème-de-la-crème on the Mexican market, popular as an addition to ice-creams and other food products. This is what people really want. At least in Mexico.

We have found the way to open up their hearts. And we got some help from… Quetzalcoatl. To be precise, it has been its processed, absolutely cutting edge version.

This snake featuring feathers of the quetzal is a co-founder of the world and the Wind Sun, according to the mythology of Mesoamerica, but also the title of top priests of Toltec and Aztec. An interesting thing is that this feathered snake is still a present theme in culture, street art or tattoos, and that is the reason we have showed it in our winning design concept.

The new brand has been addressed to consumers who are just getting ready for the party. No matter if it is clubbing or a house party, the most essential issue is the right mood.
We have made it, offering a very energetic and fun-like design. Full of colors, including those that have been drawn from the Mexican flag, yet also by ethnic patterns and cultural connotations. The entire stuff has been served in a fresh manner, inspired by a urban art.

The successful project is distinct and bursts with energy. The feathered snake breathed life into it and he just invites you to join him on the dance floor… Also in Poland, as following an efficient launch in Mexico, the product has lived to see the localization on the Polish market.

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