brand management requires a relevant agility

In the days when brands are crucial assets of the company, brand management requires a relevant agility. The proper application of brands lets the business grow faster and achievements become sustainable and stable.

In Cteryczwarte we offer a full range of brand consulting services. We deal with brand strategies at each stage of their life cycle.


brand creation


brand development


brand revitalization

brand strategy
innovations and
brand creation

We set up brand foundations – product, positioning, DNA record of a brand and its unique Brand Idea.

  • analyses of categories and surveys – sales data, trends, segmentations of clients, Golden Standard description
  • innovations and establishment of the product portfolio
  • IDIs and discovery of insights
  • positioning: proposals, benefit ladder, justifications, Brand Idea
  • communications plans – target groups, channels for reaching customers, communications stages

brand momentum
brand development
in the cycle peak

Our intention is to take advantage of full potential of an existing brand, maintain its momentum or stretch it onto new segments and categories.

  • analysis of current surveys: tracking, U&A, NPS
  • analyses of competitors
  • analyses of social trends and rising target groups
  • development of the product portfolio
  • structure of the brand portfolio: strategic brands, energizers, silver bullets, others

brand energizer
revitalization of
the declining brand

We are looking for a new opening after a long period of operating in certain market conditions.

  • brand diagnostics – U&A, segmentation, brand condition and attributes
  • exploratory surveys – IDIs, discovery of metaphors, ethnography
  • semiotic analyses and determination of rising culture codes
  • brand repositioning – new products and sub-brands, product delisting
  • battle plans – brand and communications strategies

impact of the strategy
upon design

We set up a strategy to bring business results, so we always cooperate with a creative team on finding strategic solutions having an impact on the language of design.

  • analysis of the brand capital and packagings in terms of a new strategy
  • brief for adjustments to be applied to the brand and packagings
  • interesting case studies and references
  • creative reviews and selection of solutions
  • recommendations for the Client

We have carried out strategic operations for such brands as Bakalland, Harper Hygienics, HSH Chemie, Kompania Piwowarska, Heltiso, PKN Orlen, Piątnica, PKO Bank Polski.

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