We work to design? We design so it works.

We have specialised in building brand image, corporate identity and structural design for more than two decades. 360 Degree Branding which offers a multi-dimensional approach to define a brand in terms of all of the senses, lies at the heart of our efforts. Brand strategy helps us build strategic foundations for the brands we are creating.







brand strategy

In the days when brands are crucial assets of the company, brand management requires a relevant agility. The proper application of brands lets the business grow faster and achievements become sustainable and stable. In 4/4 we offer a full range of brand consulting services. We deal with brand strategies at each stage of their life cycle.

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brand design

Having operated for nearly two decades, we have gained an extensive knowledge and experience from creating branding strategies and executing branding projects diversified in terms of the scale and area of brand manifestation. From the brand strategy and brand name to implementation of packaging, from the logo design to the entire architecture – we create the brand from scratch as well as redesign it, with an eye to detail at every stage of the process.

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corporate identity

We render full visual identification services for a variety of entities, including the largest Polish corporate brands. The scope of cooperation includes, first of all, creating new branding solutions and adjusting the existing ones to the changing market as well as strategic positioning of the brand and its reinforcement. Our clients appreciate our creativity, our sense of trends and innovativeness, operational agility and the skill in fitting into the precise rules of extended identification systems.

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