Tatra – rebranding

How to map the new brand strategy onto a new image? What to do to make the brand meet expectations of a modern end user?

Not every man is a highlander or a mountain climber, but everyone has the right to take a break after a day full of challenges. Such an approach inspired us while we were working on refreshing /rebranding of the Tatra brand. We have delivered a new, attractive image, one may easily identify with.

Destination: mountains, yet with no highlander on!

At the express request of Grupa Żywiec, we gave up the icon of the highlander. However, we strengthened the theme of mountains, so crucial to the DNA brand. The mountain landscape operates both as a symbol combined with the logotype – making together the Tatra trademark – and in the illustrative layer.

In addition, we suggested the slogan harmonizing with the brand positioning: “From the need of freedom”, that has become a key component of each packaging.

Colors matter.

And that is why we have changed essentially the color accents. From heavy orange and black, to name it honey-like, Tatra turned into yellow and blue. We have also highlighted golden details in descriptions and icons on the label. What is the result? Most of all, we have gained a significant modification at the level of recognition of the entire brand (positive, challenge-oriented, close) and the product level (more refreshing, looking like a classic beer, yet a bit lighter).

Owing to these efforts, Tatra has become the product that is closer to consumers, more modern and genuine, yet simultaneously coherent, due to introduction of direct associations with the name and the place of origin. The important thing is that, thanks to visual improvement, the brand has also risen its quality.

Time to launch!

Bottles, cans, foils, trays… The project has been performed basing on a full range of single packs and collective packaging. The rules of how they were established have been set out in the brand manual, covering details on the identification system, including media layout structure, POS or promo gadgets.

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