Melo Radio – corporate identity

Imagine a space that lets you rest and relax. Time for a deep breath. For your favourite song. A simple pleasure. What colour is it? What does it sound like?

The melody. The harmony, smooth flow. A relaxation, a pleasure. Warmth, cheerfulness. Imagine you can turn on this option at any time of the day. Tranquillity mixed with positive energy – the state of balance.

The challenge we had to face was to create a brand for the new radio station of the Eurozet Group. We applied a synesthetic approach and we sought melodies colours which can offer a chance to relax and which tune in well. Synesthesia is a capacity for linking the senses – the sounds become colours, the images become smells, the words are ascribed to their shades. Although synesthesia refers to hardly 0.1 per cent of the human population, the language proves that these sensations are known to most of us, all in all, we do talk about the “colours” of a melody and the “tones” of a colour. We decode the pastel colours as tranquil, the vivid as energetic, some as cold and others as warm. And if we stop and think what colour is peacefulness? What shade must be added to get cheerfulness?

The system we have created originates from the shape of the guitar. This basic outline transforms into morphing organic forms which pulse, live and lend the system their energy, freshness and recognizability. The colours turn from pink to blue to azure. The graphic elements compose intermingling and overlaying patches of colours providing a spectrum for a broad music base plus a unique air.

This is Meloradio.
Good music to stay tuned.

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