Mountains have fascinated people for centuries, but for a long time mountain walking and mountain climbing were not commonly practised.

Mountains have been worshipped, said to be inhabited by the gods, and sought out by prophets in need of divine counsel. There, human beings have sought inspiration, built monasteries and hermitages. It was only in the second half of the 18th century that people began to explore the mountains from another perspective, and the real explosion of fascination with mountains came at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Traveller Robert Macfarlane writes that mountains are a state of mind. Due to their majesty and inaccessibility, they are an infinite source of inspiration. Currently, we protect mountain ranges, which is why they are associated with purity and wilderness. Atmospheric phenomena occurring in the mountains, their volatility, fog that obscures the shape of peaks… And that amazing game of light, its ability to rapidly change structure, the optical illusions that it evokes – flashes, reflections, rainbows of colours, iridescence… All of this inspires creators and attracts us to hiking trails. Mountains offer us what we are missing in everyday life: freedom, dreams, beauty, communing with nature. That is why, as a concept, they are often used in marketing and design.

The rebranding of the popular Polish beer Tatra, carried out by our agency, inspired us to trace brands and other projects that originate from a mountain source.

We invite you to climb higher!