Vetoemvit is a line of innovative dermocosmetics available from veterinary surgeries only, and designed for dogs with skin and fur conditions. The preparation contains M-VIT – a patented ingredient of proven effectiveness. The unique composition places this dermocosmetic in the first line of products which strengthen hair follicles, boost hair growth and can be used for animals with particularly sensitive skin prone to irritations and allergies.

The Czteryczwarte designers’ task was to emphasise the medical, therapeutic nature of the preparation in a way friendly for the dog owner; we looked for a solution that highlights its effectiveness, safety of use and involves an emotional element.

The white colour and the graphic element of the logotype are responsible for the medical side of the design, the effectiveness is expressed by means of the sharp contrast between the red and black, and the use of a simple and expressive font in the logotype. The emotions are conveyed by the drawings of dogs – made conventionally, with a gentle line.

The colour codes are primarily supposed to help distinguish the preparations, but they are also conducive to reflecting the friendly but medical nature of the preparations.

This product is another fruit of cooperation between Czteryczwarte and Pharmena SA companies. So far, the agency has redesigned a Dermena shampoos line, designed a new line of Dermena cosmetics based on the ingredient Regen 7, and refreshed the brands Allerco and Thermi.