Łowicz Universal Sauces offer an easy way to spice up our daily meals. They come in two variations – a light one, which may be used to prepare a mustard, horse-radish or dill sauce; and a dark one – which is the perfect base for a hunter’s, pepper or onion sauce.

The purpose of the project is to distinguish between the Universal Sauces and regular tomato sauces while emphasizing the truly universal nature of the products. We were keen on encouraging consumers to create their own dishes in keeping with the slogan: One Sauce – Many Dishes.

We finally came up with packagings including as many as three various proposals of serving the dish. We went for dishes both appetizing and simple to prepare, which is emphasized by the photos from our shooting session.

The labels facilitate friendly communication with the consumer: they are full of drawings related to cooking and iconic inspirations to create new sauces, they also encompass recipes. Everything has been made in accordance with the idea of creating so called “talking packagings”.

And what sauce are you going to make today? Enjoy your cooking!