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There are many among us who have fond memories of the good old years of the Polish People’s Republic (PPR), and the vintage/retro style has become part of our culture for good. In response to this trend, we’ve created the design of Polo Cockta – a beverage popular in those days, whose wonderful qualities were appreciated even by the dwarves in the film “Kingsize”.

The product comes back to shops in the form of a 250-ml can and it was the Czteryczwarte’s task to re-unveil the brand. On one hand it should be a tribute to those yearningly remembering the past era of PPR, but first and foremost it should reach the younger consumers. Its genuine Polish origin adds to its value.

While working on the packaging design we wanted to grasp the original nature of the brand and introduce the product to the younger audience, who may not be familiar with the cult beverage. That is why the branding has remained the same while its surrounding has assumed an entirely new expression. We used an original illustration, which is stylistically connected with the world of Polo Cockta. This exclusive design was created in co-operation with a Polish artist, Ms Katarzyna Bogucka, who we had commissioned the illustration from. You can find a romance and entertainment there, but first of all – the pleasure. The whole of it has been spiced up with an old-times-style slogan – “Subject to unlimited availability”.

The front design smoothly flows into the rest of the can. This way two neighbouring cans make up interesting graphics on the shelf, producing even stronger display appeal.

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