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Our task was to create the Lech Lite subbrand to facilitate building so called “easy drinking lagers” category.

Lech Lite is a classic lager with a distinctive lighter and more refreshing formula with less bitter taste. Introduced as a less calorific variation of Lech beer, it offers lower alcohol content and is a proposal for active people who make conscious lifestyle choices.

The biggest designing challenge was to emphasise the product’s belonging to the Lech brand and communicate the features of the new variation at the same time. The product’s benefits such as its lightness, strongly refreshing taste and aroma, quality, modernity, and beer character (despite lower alcohol content, it does not lose its beer taste) needed to be exposed.

We decided to adopt the following strategic and graphic solutions to build the brand’s image through the appropriate label architecture, colours, and the category’s key elements:

– The main accent was placed on communicating that it is a Lite variation, and the Lech logo together with the goats symbol served as a guarantee of quality and part of the brand. Consequently, the base logotype was used in a simplified version with green letters Lech. The simple axis layout creates a very clear form, leaving no doubt we are dealing with a premium product.

– The white and green label with silver accents gives an impression of lightness and freshness. At the same time, it clearly communicates that the content of alcohol is lower than in the standard lager.

– Cones, ears of grain and delicate golden accents are the traditional elements associated with beer. Their role in the design is to reassure the consumers that despite its light nature, Lech Lite offers a truly beer aroma and taste.

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