Chłopska pędzona – rebranding

Our aim in redesigning Chłopska Pędzona was to render the attributes typical of strong alcohols and to expose the brand on the shelf.

Chłopska Pędzona is a line of vodkas and fruit liquors that refers to home-distilled spirits and employs some traditional recipes. The previous packagings did not reflect the brand’s positioning and thus a decision of introducing visual changes was taken.

We aimed at rendering the attributes typical of strong alcohols and at exposing the brand on the shelf. 

A skilful combination of the design individual features renders the idea of traditional methods of producing vodka. The concept of a “home-made vodka” is communicated by means of the illustration as well as by each variation’s colouring rooted in earth and nature tones. The label imitating old paper and the handwritten-like font adds up to the final effect. The label shape and lettering underline the product’s belonging to the category of strong alcoholic drinks.

The project included 8 SKUs. The new labels feature a clear arrangement and appropriate hierarchy of the elements on the packaging, which promotes building a strong brand that stands out on the shelf.

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