ALE redesign!

"Ale" redesign!

Is it likely to spin the sports brand? How to enliven it and simultaneously open it up to the larger group of end users? Answers to these and other dilemmas have been found out while working on rebranding of the image related to ALE supplements. We have set a new, dynamic direction the brand is going to head for.

ALE stands for well-recognized supplements appreciated by the sportspeople, that used to be perceived mainly as products provided for professionals and persons practicing sports on extensive basis. However, honestly speaking: sport is not only for so called ultras! An active lifestyle means not only marathons, triathlons and other spectacular events, yet, most of all everyday routine for a large number of individuals, for whom moving and workouts really matter. In this pro-sport daily life it is useful to be motivated and supported, that can be reached through ALE, a brand with its rich and continuously extended product offer.

ALE’s owner is DOZ S.A. – one of the largest drugstore networks in Europe. The company has decided to refresh the brand image, adjust it to current trends and, at the same time, take into account the broader group of potential consumers.

What is the common ground for all active people and those who practice sports? In our opinion this is included in one magic word: a goal. To enhance your strength. To feel great in your body. Run a marathon. Have more energy… Sports means, among other things, joy of establishing goals and satisfaction once they are completed. This type of thinking about physical activities accompanied us while we were working on the ALE brand and became the foundation for selection of the final creative concept.

Our way to the target – fulfillment of the task we have been given – is made of lines. We used them to set up a new packaging design.

The starting line, the finish line, the track, the court, the racetrack… The line motif is firmly attached to the world of sports and is present in each discipline, we guess. The line sets direction, brings closer to the goal, is related to the rules of the game, constitutes an essential point of reference. It is associated with the movement, navigation and relocation within the space as well as support and regeneration. The lines, so necessary in the sports, have been transferred to the world of the ALE brand and its new packagings.

  • Line-inspired design builds up a cutting edge space, full of lightness, dynamics and energy.
  • We have introduced silhouettes made of lines, instead of photos. This solution causes that the end user can easily identify himself/herself with the product, since the presented character is of conventional nature.
  • The line motif has been also a reference point for the original typography – with particular products in mind, we have established unique, characteristic fonts.
  • In addition, the line motif has been expressed in the form of colorful horizontal apples, that are used for coding of taste options.

The brand logo required only a minor change. We focused on strengthening of a descriptor that made the acronym ALE (Active Life Energy). Placing it under the logotype provided a better communication and built higher brand awareness.

The new graphic design has already been implemented to several dozen SKU, that are gradually launched on the market. What makes us delighted about the new brand approach? Owing to the transformation, ALE products have gained visual lightness and state-of-the-art character. The brand has become more spacious and inclusive – the new image does not reject, yet it represents joy of the active life. Paradoxically, despite extending the target group with non-professionals, the brand has turned to be more sporty!

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